12 Projects for Middle School Organization: Part 2

Middle School Organization

A new Tuesday, a new project is typically how it works.  However, with the Princess Anna Halloween costume in the works, I split up the 12 Projects for Tuesday to cover 2 weeks! If you missed Part 1, check out the post here!

  • “How was school?”5327373397_Brenda_confused20look_answer_4_xlarge
  • “Good” 
  • “Do you have any homework?”
  • “I finished it on the bus.”
  • “All of it?”
  • “Yeah, all we had was math.”
  • “Are you sure? What about your ILA paper?”
  • “Oh yeah, that too”
  • “And don’t forget about your flute practice!”
  • “I think I have a test tomorrow in Science.”
  • “You think? Well, lets find out!” 
  • “I may have some flipped classroom assignments on the computer too.”

Middle school is a time of transition, for both students and parents.  Middle school differs in numerous ways from Elementary school: one of the most apparent is increased pressure on organizational skills.

The above example shows, not only the difficulty in my son’s ability to stay on top of what is due and when, but the reason why!  It is Complicated!

  • 6 separate classes, with 5 separate teachers.
  • Due dates that differ throughout the week.
  • Varying types of work due and assignments to complete.

It is no wonder so many students struggle at the start of Middle School! The previous post mentioned 6 projects for Middle School Organization that focused on the home set up:

1) Homework Station / Calendar

2) Homework Caddy

3) Chore Punch Card

4) Prepaid Debit Card for Allowance

5) Color Coding Agendas

6) Routine, Routine, Routine


This week I want to focus on Study Habits and Organization Skills!


Middle School Organization Part 2


7. Flashcards

I love infographics! I also love flashcards.  While there has been some debate as to whether they work or not, and for how long, it is hard to deny the results.  While cramming before a test is not desirable, the benefits of regular flashcard use is worth the try.  See the following infographic for more flashcard facts!



8. Textmapping

I found out about Textmapping on The Middles School Mouth, a super cool blog by the way! However, Texmapping originated here.   It is a super cool method for reading comprehension that can only be explained by checking it out! Hint: It is all about scrolls!

Middle School Organization


9. Planners, Agenda, & Planning Ahead

I love this article from www.thecollegeprepster.com.  She really hits the nail on the head when she mentions that half the battle is paying attention in class.  The other half is homework/ studying.  She advises to look ahead on Friday- even when she thinks she has nothing due.  It is always best to look ahead and make a weekly plan-of-action.  If you can, find out when major tests are due (as they tend to come at the same time!) and plan your study time accordingly, so you are not studying for all tests at once!

Middle School Organization


10. Color Coding

I said it last week, and I will say it again: Color Code Everything! Either as the example shows below, or my favorite, a color for each class.

Middle School Organization


11. Proven Tips by Science

My favorite? Space it out: A relatively new learning technique called “spaced repetition” involves breaking up information into small chunks and reviewing them consistently over a long period of time.

Especially when dealing with ADHD!

Middle School Organization



12. Praise for effort, not intelligence!

“When you praise kids for their intelligence, they learn to view their failures as evidence of stupidity” – See more at: http://www.parentingscience.com/praise-and-intelligence.html#sthash.5DSjvb6N.dpuf

Kids praised for intelligence often see being smart as something you are born with.  Studies have shown that when kids are praised for their natural intelligence they often choose easier tasks to avoid failing.

In contrast, kids who are praised for their efforts tend to view being smart as something you work hard to be.

So next time you praise your student, praise their efforts!

“Wow! You worked really hard on that! I can tell that you will do well if you keep it up!”

Middle School Organization