DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe

DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe American Girl Dolls; every little girl’s love. Well, maybe not every little girl’s love, but definitely mine! And! We have the “fortunate luck” to live within minutes of a giant American Girl Doll Store!

However, when Christmas came along with the the American Girl Doll catalog, I just knew that the whole thing would be full of circled items.  I was not mistaken! With “the sky’s the limit” wishful thinking coupled with sky high pricing, it was hard to pair down the Christmas list.

This was a call grandpa and some DIY!

DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe

Isabelle Wardrobe On the top of the list (coming in at around $300) was the Isabelle Wardrobe.  It did not come as a surprise to me as she had recently received Isabelle as a birthday gift (in October).  However, at that price, it would be all she would receive for Christmas.  So, I started my Pinterest hunt for the perfect DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe.  I didn’t have to search for long, because I found a cute design with plans and everything right here!

I enlisted my father (whom is lovingly called Baba) to help with the word-working, and I sanded, primed, and painted. With the suggested Target washer and dryer set (an additional cost), the wardrobe was complete! The finished product ended up costing less than $50 and was more than we could have dreamed.


New Year, New Puppy, New Projects!

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

Winifred Rose

2015 is finally here! Okay, well maybe it has been here for a whole month already… and maybe it has been more than a little while since I have sewn anything or posted on here! But… it is a brand new year, we have a brand new puppy (Winifred Rose), and there are so many new and exciting sewing projects in the works! But first, it is time for new years resolutions: to clean out the closets!

This idea has been playing around in the back of my mind since the holiday break (as it does every year).  This feeling was intensified during the New Year’s Resolutions phase and the fact that “excess” was the topic at our family’s local church service, with the mantra: “Excess isn’t success – it’s supply for those in need”.  What a beautiful reminder.

So, in honor of the New Year, the mantra “Excess isn’t success…”, and the upcoming Kids Clothes Week theme “Upcycled”, our family will be cleaning out the closets and giving to those in need as well as upcycling a few pieces into something new and wonderful.

This weekend we will be selecting the pieces that will become something new.  I already have a few things in mind… I’m thinking skirts, t-shirts, and a dog sweater or two! (Winnie counts for Kid’s Clothes Week, right?).