Upcycled Dress: Violette Field Threads Olive Shirt

Violette Filed Threads Olive ShirtLast season of Kid’s Clothes Week got me so wrapped up in “upclycling“, that I have continued to turn two more dresses into shirts for Cadence.  One is another Juicy Couture dress from her Mimmy (that was way too short for me) and the other is an Ann Taylor dress of mine that hung in my closet for 2 years with the tags still on.

As they were both striped dresses, I thought the Violette Field Threads Olive Shirt pattern was a very good choice for an upcycle project.

Violette Field Threads Olive Shirt

Violette Filed Threads Olive ShirtWhat a wonderful pattern! I have never gone wrong with Violette Field Threads, and I just love the ruffles on the back! I made the similar Adele Dress pattern awhile back and was very pleased with the results.  This time, I wanted a simpler look, so I omitted the top ruffle.  I had enough fabric left over with the grey and pink Juicy Couture dress, to make a scarf for a very sophisticated look.

The Process:

I laid each dress out flat and cut along the side seam so there were two pieces (a front and a back).  I folded the front piece in half long wise and laid the Violette Field Threads Olive Shirt front bodice pattern at the fold.  This way, I was able to keep the neck line from both dresses!

I repeated the process with the back panel.  The rest of the back was a large enough piece to turn sideways in order to create the back ruffle with contrasting vertical stripes.  The only thing left to do was sew up the sides, and create the straps/sleeve bias with left over fabric.  Some of the easiest sewing I have done yet!


Violette Filed Threads Olive Shirt

Violette Filed Threads Olive Shirt

Violette Filed Threads Olive Shirt


Violette Filed Threads Olive ShirtViolette Field Threads Olive Shirt

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Upcycled Juicy Couture Chain Link Dress: KCW Day 2

Kid’s Clothes Week: Day 2

This seasons theme: Upcycled, from Juicy Couture Chain Link DressKid’s Clothes Week, is a pretty exciting theme.  The process of going through my closet brought immense joy to Cadence, who found out that she can nearly fit my high heels! She was beside herself with glee upon the realization, and was in love with the idea of making something of mine into something for her.

The best part is, we were able to include not 2, but 3 generations in the mix! Cadence’s mimmi, my mother-in-law, gave me a beautiful, Juicy Couture chain link dress of hers a couple years ago.  However, it was a little too short for comfort, so it was an obvious choice for our projects: a hand-me-down to a daughter-in-law to a granddaughter.  With a few alterations, I created a much smaller version of the original. A very sophisticated dress for an 8 year old, I might add.

Juicy Couture Chain Link Dress

The original dress is shown below, and we decided to keep the same shape, just a smaller version.

Juicy Couture Chain Link Dress

The Adele Dress pattern by Violette Field Threads was the perfect bodice shape to help design a dress that would fit a smaller frame.  I also used this pattern for a dragon themed dress here.




The upcycled Juicy Couture Chain Link Dress was more than we hoped for! Cadence was in heaven being able to look and dress like her mimmie! We opted to sew the tag back in place to preserve the look.  What a fun project!

Juicy Couture Chain Link Dress



KCW February 2015

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