Grandma's House

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My Grandma’s House

My grandma’s house in Hastings, Nebraska has always been one of my favorite places in the entire world.  It is the house my dad grew up in with his 6 brothers and 4 sisters.  It is the house I visited twice a year or more (all the way from Texas), and the house I even lived in briefly as a child.  During those years, wallpaper has changed. Carpets, couches, and wall art changed too, but little else did.  I could find almost anything I needed without even looking for it.  The map of the house has been ingrained in my memory and probably always will be. See the masterpiece here!

However, when I found out that Christmas 2011 was the last time I would ever see my grandma’s house, as I remembered it, I decided to take as many pictures as I possibly could. While the house would not be gone (my cousin now own’s it), I knew I must capture each and and every memory.  Not just the landscape, but the familiar places that drew my attention each time I visited.  The neatly organized drawers, the candy bin with the same Wriggly’s gum found in it each and every time I peeked in, my favorite bedroom always arranged the same way as I remembered.

With my handy iPhone 4 (can you believe it!) I took the photos that I will treasure forever.  Combined with photos from the past, it is a timeless keepsake.

Grandma's House

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