DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe

DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe American Girl Dolls; every little girl’s love. Well, maybe not every little girl’s love, but definitely mine! And! We have the “fortunate luck” to live within minutes of a giant American Girl Doll Store!

However, when Christmas came along with the the American Girl Doll catalog, I just knew that the whole thing would be full of circled items.  I was not mistaken! With “the sky’s the limit” wishful thinking coupled with sky high pricing, it was hard to pair down the Christmas list.

This was a call grandpa and some DIY!

DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe

Isabelle Wardrobe On the top of the list (coming in at around $300) was the Isabelle Wardrobe.  It did not come as a surprise to me as she had recently received Isabelle as a birthday gift (in October).  However, at that price, it would be all she would receive for Christmas.  So, I started my Pinterest hunt for the perfect DIY American Girl Doll Wardrobe.  I didn’t have to search for long, because I found a cute design with plans and everything right here!

I enlisted my father (whom is lovingly called Baba) to help with the word-working, and I sanded, primed, and painted. With the suggested Target washer and dryer set (an additional cost), the wardrobe was complete! The finished product ended up costing less than $50 and was more than we could have dreamed.


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Design Your Own Lovely Blog  has a fantastic article outlining exactly where and how this can be done here

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