Scirocco Peplum Top Tutorial: Wild Things

Scirocco Peplum Top TutorialKid’s Clothes Week: Wild Things

I love Kid’s Clothes Week!  This season’s theme: Wild Things sparked my attention early on.  There are just so many possibilities!  However, when my rapidly growing up almost 9 year old announced she was “too old for animal faces on her clothes”, I was stumped.  I wanted something cutsie! She wanted something trendy.  We ended up going with a very chic leopard print peplum top.

Once we decided on a peplum top, I immediately went back to one of my favorite patterns: The Scirocco Dress from Figgy’s.  I knew the tried and true pattern would be the perfect starting point!

This time, instead of the tiered dress, I decided to modify the skirt to create a peplum top.  I also modified the back panels again to avoid the dreaded gape often caused by the bulkiness of the pattern. I simply drew the inner diagonal line closer in by 1 inch and all the way to the bottom corner, sparing just enough for the seam allowance plus 1/2 inch.  On the peplum top, I cut the triangles shorter, going all the way to the side about 2 inches from the bottom of the front pattern piece.  As the bodice has a lining, the side seams are still encased and do not show any unfinished seams.Scirocco Peplum Top Tutorial

To add the skirt, I simply made a circle skirt (with lining in the same material).  Instead of cutting on the fold, I cut straight through so that there would be side seams.  The back was created 4 inches wider (for the elastic waist band).  As there is more material in the back, it creates a certain oomph on the behind.  The length hits right about where the second tier of the dress would have hit.

Scirocco Peplum Top Tutorial


Scirocco Peplum Top Tutorial


Scirocco Peplum Top Tutorial

Figgy’s Scirocco Dress

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Figgy’s Scirocco

Figgy’s Scirocco dress pattern has been one of my all-time fav0rite patterns to sew.  This dress is a playtime, summer favorite that is easy to make with a  designer quality look.  I fell in love with the pattern as soon as I saw it.  I loved the design, the grey and white Polka Dot Dress Fabric by Moda, and the red boots to match featured on Figgy’s website here.   As it had been awhile since I had sewn a dress, I did some research and found that I was not the only one who loves Figgy’s Scirocco Dress! So many pictures and blogs dedicated to the Scirocco Dress!

Figgy's Scirocco
In my version, I opted for a Kona Cotton in Mustard by Robert Kaufman and Large Orbs in Lighter Grey by Tomotake Muddy Works. However, I cannot take credit for this lovely combination  I first saw it on Probably Actually: here modeled on an adorable Oliver + S pattern.  I paired the girly dress with ‘Troopa’ Boots by Steve Madden.  

During my research for Figgy’s Scirocco, I found an incredible tutorial here.  If it were not for this tutorial, I may never have made the twisted back on the first try! I also found a trend: the gaping side back! I had to study many pictures to determine why so many of the finished dresses had gaping sides.  At first glance, I assumed the dresses were too large for the subject, however, after second thought, I determined that there was too much fabric on the sides of the dress back for the size of the waist.  

Figgy's Scirocco

In order to overcome this minor detail, I decided to adjust the pattern to fit each measurment of my little girl.  In addition, I tapered the bottom side diagonal line to 1 inch so that with a 1/2 inch seam, the finished side back would measure 1/2 inch before the side seam at the bottom.


In the end, I think Figgy’s Scirocco dress turned out wonderfully.  After all, it was the dress that got me sewing again.  The dress that would eventually enspired me to blog about my sewing and DIY projects, and create Lark + Wren. You can see more images of this dress here.  


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